Stepping-stone Mandalas

About Stepping-stone Mandalas

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with A’HA Oracle, I’d like to introduce you to another aspect of my work which I also find really exciting! These mandalas began to manifest at a bewilderingly rapid pace, even as I was readying myself to work with the creation of A’HA Oracle. I offer these intuitively-sourced, personalized artworks to you in the hope that they may be used as empowering stepping-stones for you on your own journey, assisting you in the process of reconnecting with your centre, and all that you are, as a truly creative spirit. Visionary art, is, I believe, a bridge between Heaven and Earth, and, as such, acts as a doorway through which we can meet our true ‘Self’.

So, what is a ‘Stepping-stone’ Mandala?

Personalized ‘Stepping-stone’ Mandalas are unique works, created specifically for a particular individual. They are a tool of illumination, used to access our deepest knowing, or Soul Wisdom. Intuitive ‘sacred circle’ artworks, they are used as tools of contemplation, offering us a means of finding our way back to our ‘centre’. When I am commissioned to create a unique, Stepping-stone Mandala, I first sit in meditation, focusing on the recipient, and request that the most perfect healing symbols manifest for that individual. Thus, the symbols which appear in your mandala are relevant to you, personally.

Mandalas contain colours and symbols which are often universal in their meaning, but these symbols may also be intensely personal, especially when one contemplates the particular interplay between the various symbols which have manifested. Often, a message comes through for the recipient, either in the form of a quote, such as a line of poetry, as a very brief ‘whisper’ from the Universe, or as additional symbols not actually contained within the mandala itself. Together, these various messages offer individuals some insight into how they may overcome obstacles, and achieve heartfelt aspirations. Sitting with your mandala and allowing the pictorial or colour content to permeate your psyche, (inviting in even those symbols which cause discomfort!), may create conditions whereby a person is able to own All of himself, and to move forward on the path to self-realization, or well-being.

Why ‘Stepping-stone’ Mandalas?

The name ‘Stepping-stone’ Mandalas came to me whilst I was standing at the clothes’-line. While that may sound a little odd, it is useful to acknowledge that flashes of insight may come to a person at any time, provided that a person is open to them! Anyway, I felt that it had a nice ’round-ness’ to it, and on looking up the meaning, found it meant: “A raised stone, usually as one of a set in a stream or muddy place to help in crossing, (fig.) “Means or stage of progress to an end” (in Oxford Dictionary), and “A means of advancement”(in Longman Modern English Dictionary). All of those felt right, somehow!

Using your ‘Stepping-stone’ Mandala

Create a space for quiet contemplation… perhaps candles, soft music, essential oils… Breathe your way into stillness and quiet the outer noise to hear your inner voice. Gaze upon your mandala, acknowledging all symbols as they arise, and simply let them go. Once you feel familiar with your mandala, close your eyes and try to remember the symbols that sought your attention most insistently. Focus on these symbols, and ask yourself if they elicit any particular emotion, or hold any particular message. As each mandala is created for a specific individual, any symbol contained therein is especially pertinent to that person. Attempt to identify any behavioural patterns which no longer serve, and consider whether any changes to your usual way of being may assist you to progress further along your path. (Working through any unresolved issues allows us to centre ourselves, so that we may more readily access information about who we are, what it is that we are truly hoping for, and perhaps even gain insight into how we might best go about achieving our heart’s desire.)

I believe that, for any healing to truly take place, we each need to be instrumental in our own healing. By that I do not suggest that we disregard the occasional need for intervention by appropriate others, I simply mean that we are, essentially, responsible for our own well-being. That, to me, speaks of taking appropriate steps towards our self-healing. In order to advance on our path, we need to devote time to our enjoyment of life, to love our Self, truly owning all that we are, and to touch the very centre of our being! The stepping-stones that I trod along my own path through Life led me to the creation of ‘Stepping-stone’ Mandalas. I trust that your ‘Stepping-stone’ Mandala will assist you on the path towards contentment and realization!!!!

Additional Notes

Symbols and colours are resources in their own right, and so it may be worthwhile digging a little deeper to gain further insights. Jung, renowned for his work using mandalas as keys to the subconscious, noted that the particular placement of symbols within a mandala offered additional clues. Images in the upper portion of a mandala were believed to relate to conscious emotions, whilst those in the lower portion were believed to relate to feelings or thoughts in the subconscious.

‘Stepping-stone’ Mandalas are drawn by hand using quality materials. They are created in the beautiful Northern Rivers, N.S.W, Australia. These mandalas are ‘one-offs’, which means that they are unique and personalized. As their creator, however, Linnie retains copyright, and may use copies of the original mandalas for promotional material ie as examples to illustrate my work to others etc. Thank you for your understanding. For more information, please contact Linnie. Thank you!