Namaste! Welcome to Linnie’s world via my new blog!

Beginning this blog has become a voyage of discovery for me. I had thought that all I needed to do to blog was to start typing and my story would unfold, yet here I am, learning to take my first baby steps along the blogger’s path 🙂

As with so many things in life, it appears there is a time, a place, and a way for things to happen. I hope that this blog will contain snippets of my world in general, of what inspires me, and of how my days unfold, as well as more information about A’HA Oracle and Stepping-Stone Mandalas, intuitive artworks that are very much a part of who I am and what I do.

The process by which A’HA Oracle was created remains one of the highlights of my already blessed life, as that journey took me closer to Spirit than I’d been in many years. It is a long story, but one which I love reliving through words and memories, as my life has been changed profoundly through this closer connection to Spirit.

I look forward to sharing this story, and many others, with you. To that end, I trust that I will find the words which will act as a key to the door into Linnie’s world :D.

Many Blessings to you all, and thank you for reading 🙂