The A’HA Oracle origins and purpose

What is the A’HA Oracle?

The A’HA Oracle is a card-deck and book package comprised of 77 exciting oracle cards along with an informative 104-page guidebook. The A’HA Oracle is, I believe, a gift from Spirit, and was created to offer guidance to those seeking a greater understanding of how Spirit moves through our lives. The cards are visionary artworks which resonate with an individual at a soul level, offering gentle confirmation and clarification. They have a wonderful, radiant energy, with each card telling its own story very clearly. Essentially, the A’HA Oracle is a companionable oracle deck that you can engage with at many levels, and which offers you a means of honing and trusting your intuition, or inner knowing. Visionary art, is, I believe, a bridge between Heaven and Earth, and as such, acts as a doorway through which we may meet our true ‘Self’.

How was the A’HA Oracle created?

The creation of the A’HA Oracle was essentially a spontaneous event, which was born from a composite of life experiences. At the time of its inception, I was happily muddling about, meditating and looking inward, during an art class being presented by a wonderfully gifted friend of mine. Something shifted for me during that class, which allowed for an opening up of mySelf to Spirit. In that space, and thereafter, artworks literally flowed out of me. It took some time for me to recognize that these initial artworks were to become the A’HA Oracle as it now appears. I believe that I merely took on the role of conduit for the “A’HA Oracle” ‘s creation.

Why “A’HA Oracle”?

Like the cards themselves, this name arose somewhat spontaneously. Once I became aware that these artworks were to become an oracle deck, I understood that they would need a name. Years ago, a friend used the term “Intuitive A’HA” to describe those “aha!!” moments when everything becomes clear!! This term burst into my awareness, and I thought “Intuitive A’HA”!! The name was modified at a later date, when I came to understand that “A’HA” is able to stand alone, encompassing both enlightenment and Spirit. The “Oracle” part relates to divination, and may literally be interpreted as “revelation”, “divine inspiration”, or “answer”. For me, the name “A’HA” supports the notion that insights will come to you, if you just open yourSelf up to them!

Who was the A’HA Oracle created for?

The A’HA Oracle has been created as a resource for all who would enjoy a closer relationship with their inner knowing. For any who seek to better understand their part in this process called life, these cards offer gentle guidance. As in most things, I feel that those who have found their way to the A’HA Oracle through serendipity are those who will most benefit from working with this oracle deck.

Why are some cards black and white?

Initially, I was concerned that some of the cards were unfinished, as those cards which appeared in the early stages of A’HA’s creation came through as black and white artworks, whereas the later cards were created in full-colour. I’ve since become convinced that the earlier works were always intended to remain black and white, though, as, when I considered “doctoring” them, it felt dishonourable, as though that action would somehow demean the cards, belittling their integrity. Those early cards came to me as black and white artworks, and I accept that I must honour that. I have since read more about Dr Judith Cornell’s work, and I have come to understand a little about ‘drawing the light from within’. To me, that process feels like bringing Light to the darkness, and coming up with something wonderful.