About Linnie

I am a fairly average woman in my mid-life season. I was born half a century ago, and in recent years I have become quite excited about that. Half a century!! Do you remember back to your childhood (for those of you who have already moved beyond that place!), when time was measured in centuries rather than millennia? I do, and a century represented to me a vast passing of time…! I find it all pretty exciting, really, knowing that I have made it halfway through just such a passage of time! It makes me think of wonderful, gnarled old trees, and the like!

My life to date has been fairly unremarkable, in that I have done much the same things as the most other people. I have, though, been blessed with wonderful relationships, and a degree of good fortune, and for that I am eternally grateful. My childhood was essentially a happy time, where I lived on the waterfront, peering into rock pools and playing make-believe, and just simply being me. In those days, I think I knew who I was.


Over the years I have tried on many hats. I am a mother and a wife; I have been a teacher and a poet; I’m a Pisces/Aquarius cusp with an Aquarian ascendent; I’m an Earth-Dog; I’m a rainforest regenerator, a would-be healer, a singer (of sorts!), an artist and now an author. (A week ago, I even learnt to read music and took up the clarinet!! Pardon me for any obvious smugness, but I am simply delighted!!!). Between them, these pathways have offered me an abundance of challenges and delights, and all have steered me towards this happy place that I now find myself in, where, in recent years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to co-create the A’HA Oracle.

Currently, I am a lover of Life, and I am very grateful to all those experiences and people which brought me to this point, for there is a wonderful freedom to be had in loving life. The pleasure to be derived simply from observing Nature’s wonder… or from singing with wonderful people, from conversing with loved ones, from watching seedlings emerge, from seeing people smile from deep within their soul… ahh… there are so many simple pleasures out there!

There is also a wonderful joy to be had by becoming more closely aligned with your Self. Where things may once have seemed a challenge, life seems to flow more easily for me, now that I have acknowledged my true Self, my inner being. In walking my own path, and in learning to love myself, I have opened myself up to life. I have discovered a new found joyfulness. I live in greater ease. It was from this place that the A’HA Oracle was birthed.

* * * * * * * * * * *

In addition to working with the A’HA Oracle, I sometimes busy myself with the creation of Stepping-Stone Mandalas, which are unique, personalized healing mandalas. Whilst in a meditative state I ask for the “most perfect healing symbols” (after Dr Judith Cornell’s book, Mandala: Luminous symbols of healing) for a given individual. The completed mandala is a unique meditation tool, specific to that individual, which, in effect, acts as a mirror for him or her.

I wish you many blessings and all things good!